[[... ...]]
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We knew it would be dangerous when we signed up.\n\nWe knew we could get crippled or killed.\n\nNo one was our friend this far in space, [[not even our crewmates.]]
Suit status: outer layer ripped on the back but otherwise fine.\n\nOxygen status: currently at 78% capacity, will switch to atmosphere converter at 40%.\n\nHealth status: two cracked ribs, three long lacerations on back.\n\n[[Huh.]]
"Glaw!"\n\nI can feel him through the pain. The body sensor is letting me know most of my ribs are broken now and my suit is torn to shreds but I don't care, I don't care he's here and [[I'm Home]].
"Where's Glaw?" I ask.\n\nI can't see Holly, but I can hear her breathing. Or lack of breathing, rather. It's suddenly gone.\n\n"I couldn't find him. I couldn't find anyone else, either. I cried for ten minutes when I found you."\n\n[[My chest goes numb.]]
"What do you want?" I asked. "I'll get it for you."\n\nAnything to stop the Red beading on his arms.\n\n"[[I...I want....]]"
"Glaw, are we going to die out here?" Holly asks. I hear Glaw's labored breathing for a moment before he replies.\n\n"Most likely. I found our communications officer, she's dead."\n\nEveryone's breathing stops. I can't tear my gaze away from [[Glaw's face]].
"[[Hey, Oly, you awake?]]"
"I love you..." I whisper. My suit's telling me I won't have long to live if I don't get medical help soon.\n\n"I don't want to lose you, man..." he whispers back. I smile at him.\n\n"Now you know how I felt, That Day..."\n\n"Yeah, but..." he starts to choke. My chest is filled with that weird emotion again. [[Everything is warm.]]
"[[Oly? Oh no...]]"
Gritting my fangs against the pain I begin to walk, keeping one eye on the sensors. It's only picking up Holly trotting along behind me.\n\nThere's not much scenery wherever we are. Simply snowdrift after snowdrift after snowdrift, sometimes with a rocky cave hidden [[inside.]]
There was Holly again. I can hear her, I'm not lost in my memories anymore I'm awake and [[there's blood on everything.]]
[[I had to find him.]]
I stumble out of the cave, not looking at my feet, and fall down a drift. My ribs are screaming and so am I.\n\nAt the bottom is rock. Cold, hard rock.\n\n[[No wonder I broke my ribs.]]
"...We have to look for him."\n\nGlaw...Glaw is...no...\n\nI move to sit up, only to find my helmet is cracked and my back is [[burning in pain.]]
"Glaw..." I breathe.\n\n"You're still awake!?" he exclaims, quickly shifting me to a more comfortable position. I'm bleeding all over his nice white spacesuit.\n\n"Y-yeah..."\n\nHe looks at me for a very long time.\n\n[[Almost too long.]]
Someone pulls me up.\n\nIt's not Holly.\n\n"[[Oly, you got really fucked up...]]"
Red.\n\nThere's Red on everything.\n\nI'm sitting up but it hurts, and there are stars popping in my eyes, and they're glowing Red and Green and Yellow but mostly Red Red Red-\n\n"[[Oliver!]]"
My ears twitched, my tail wagged, waiting for an answer. I wanted to help him, he's my best friend, I'd do anything for him-\n\n"I want you. I Love you."\n\nThe room stopped. Clocks fell. The Red continued flowing.\n\n"[[...You can have me, if you want...]]"
There was Red again.\n\n"Oly, don't..."\n\nI was watching Glaw do something Horrible. I grabbed the blade away from him.\n\n"Don't...don't ruin yourself like this man!"\n\nHe was Crying. There was Red all over his arms.\n\n"[[I can't have what I want!]]" he yelled.
"You didn't actually lose me."\n\n[[....]]
[[That would explain the pain.]]
-Oh, right, Holly.\n\nShe does something to my back and the pain is soothed slightly. It sort of feels like the back is torn, but none of my sensors are indicating anything wrong-\n\nWait.\n\n"Oly, you fell on your back, I think...There's blood on everything..."\n\nThat would explain the red mess. I scan the sensors, using the keypad hidden in the palm of my glove to switch between the different [[screens]].
"Holly..."\n\n[[All I can utter is her name.]]
I peer inside on of the snowdrifts. There's something inside. Wincing, I duck down to investigate. Holly is yelling something but I'm too interested in this thing, whatever it is, maybe Glaw, to listen.\n\nI gently roll it over.\n\n[[It's a corpse.]]
"Holly we need to find Glaw," I say, struggling to sit up. Whatever Holly did helped but not much. I can see her now, though her suit obscures any defining features.\n\n"No, Oly, you need to rest, I'll go look for him," she says, but she doesn't understand what Glaw means to me, and I get up [[anyway.]]
"Oly please say something..."\n\nThe voice crackles in my earpiece, one of my pointed ears twitching to capture the sound. It's Holly, one of my crewmates. She's like me - deformed, slightly, with cat ears and a tail. I don't know much about her other than she wants to be an engineer. We get along well enough.\n\n[[Still not the voice I was expecting to hear...]]
But we trusted each other.\n\nAnd Glaw and I grew [[close.]]
With a groan, I realize someone is talking to me.\n\nI open my eyes.\n\nThey scroll over to the atmosphere reader on the side of my space helmet. At first I'm afraid it's broken, but as my foggy mind clears itself I realize it's too cold outside to be read properly. Did we crash land somewhere?\n\nI'm lying on my back for some reason. My body is resting on something pillowy and cold.\n\nThank the Gods for spacesuits. The radar next to it shows someone standing nearby, but the cold is interfering and the sensor isn't telling me if it's [[friend or foe]].
One of my other crewmen. Jack...something or other. Gardner, I think. His helmet is smashed and his face is frozen in a scowl. He must've been cowering away from the cold...it still got him...\n\nMy stomach plummets. There aren't any words to describe what I'm feeling at this very moment.\n\n"[[I told you not to go in...]]"
[[Closer than we had any right to be.]]